• Client: Adobe Systems
  • Date: October 2011
  • Skill:

To showcase the hardware acceleration capabilities of Adobe’s Flash Player 11 prior to its release, the Away3D Team and Finnish demosceners EvoFlash teamed up to produce a 4 minute journey of soothing 3D experimentation.

Sparkle a moment has many elements that were new to Away3D at the time, such as procedural textures, post-processing effects and realtime phyiscs. The following synposis of the inception and execution of the ideas in the demo is written by Simo Santavirta, our creative / technical director on the project:

Into the endless darkness two light spheres are born. Slowly giving meaning and life to surroundings. In gentle moving light of spheres objects are showing their forms. Objects are symbols of science, history, society, evolution. nature, liquid and time. When a sphere come close to object it’ll be shown by the light of sphere and can become life. It can start levitate, sparkle, move, glow or break apart. Eventually spheres will light up everything. All is glamorous and flourishing. Suddenly spheres pop into little sparkles and disappear. Everything turn into deep endless darkness again.

The piece was first shown at the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles 2011.