Away Studios is a production company focusing on 3D projects. Directors, technologists, artists and coders work collaboratively to create content for a wide range of outputs including games, interactive websites, desktop applications and museum installations. Our work is applicable to virtually any 3D digital platform and we have experience of delivering successful projects in both consumer and business-facing sectors.


We work closely with our clients to create bespoke integrated 3D solutions, drawing on a diverse pool of talent to form tailor-made production teams perfectly balanced for each project. Many of our regular team members are also highly motivated community champions, keeping abreast of the current changes in todays 3D digital landscape and always looking for the next big evolution in 3D technology.

Open Source

We have a strong drive towards using open source software and tools, giving our members a highly evolved sense of the possible solutions available, while supplying the client with deliverables that are free from licensing restrictions or 3rd party vendor costs. We are also Enterprise Partners with The Away Foundation, a non-profit organisation responsible for the development and maintenance of the popular open source framework Away3D and associated resources, with which we maintain a close relationship.

Away3D Pro Support

Many of our 3D experts come from a background originally working on the Away3D engine, including Away Studios founder Rob Bateman. Away3D is a cross-platform open source 3D library, and alongside our project work we also offer Pro Support services for companies using Away3D and other associated libraries of The Away Foundation. For more information, please visit our services page.