Away Studios offers an easily scalable service to suit any project and budget.


Full project delivery service, everything from concept & design to development & post-delivery support. Typically this is for products such as games, bespoke internal tooling, interactive installations etc. We provide a detailed project scope and work with our clients on specific project requirements that need 3D input before production starts, then provide an entire schedule that fits with the required project deadlines and any intermediate milestones along the way.


A targeted 3D production service, designed to integrate with an existing client team & project workflow. This is best utilised with clients who already have a brief and several team members, but require extra 3D muscle for production duties. Requirements can be anything from one developer to several 3D devs & designers, depending on the project’s overall scale and timeline. Many development projects are carried out “white-label”, a common requirement for web & advertising work.


Pro-support service for Away Foundation libraries, including Away3D, Away Physics and the AWD format. Ideal for clients who are interested in troubleshooting and best-practice advice, but are keen to keep the majority of development in-house. Can be carried out as a fixed-price number of hours, or as a rolling retainer providing 3D backup for the duration of the project.


Standard practice 3D training or bespoke use case classes, held either on-site, online or via local user groups. Company training is typically around specific project requirements and can be part of a larger consulting contract if necessary. We are also interested in forming a stronger connection with local user groups who organise training – past classes have been held in as diverse locations as London, Sydney, Cologne and Buenos Aries so feel free to get in touch if you think there is an opportunity for 3D training in your area.