Away Studios at Reasons to be Creative

This coming week, Away Studios will be heading down to participate at the Reasons to be Creative conference in Brighton. Rob will be giving a talk on some of the new areas of development we’ve been working on in Stage3D and WebGL. New Adventures in 3D takes a holistic look at the potential of accelerated graphics on the web today, following how things have changed – even in recent months – and talking a look at some of the related experiments him and his team have been busy with over the last year.


Away Studios at Digital Shoreditch

The Digital Shoreditch festival has kicked off this week and involves many different production / media / advertising / tech companies from in and around the London area.

We’re pleased to say that Away Studios will be involved this year – as part of the Make & Do event on Saturday & Sunday.

Make & Do is the name for this year’s create-a-thon, which encourages two days of concentrated creative thinking applied to various set challenges. Our founder Rob Bateman will be participating as one of the speakers / assistants on the tasks, bringing our own unique brand of 3D know-how to what should be a packed event. Looking forward to making a few new acquaintances amid the chaos 😉




We have officially transitioned!

Its been slowly happening for a while, but we’re pleased to say that the transition from Away Media to Away Studios is now complete!

While its sad to say goodbye to the brand that launched us in 2008, we are looking forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead involving our new team members, new clients, new site, new logo… even new premises with the addition of our satellite offices in Amsterdam 🙂

One thing that hasn’t changed is our Enterprise Partner commitments to The Away Foundation, dedicating both developer resources and sponsorship funds to their open source program as a way of giving back to the developer community.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the client work we do, have a look at our updated services page or please don’t hesitate to get in contact via the phone or email address at the bottom of the page.


Preparing for GDC

So the GDC conference is almost upon us, and we are busy preparing some Away3D content to be shown during the conference as part of Adobe’s Gaming SDK showcase.

Along with Away3D there will also be plenty of 2D games content using the Starling framework, so be sure to swing by the Adobe booth at the expo if your interested – I’ll most likely be hanging around there for some of the time.

Looking forward to it!