• Client: RENDR - Paramount Apparel - Nike Team
  • Date: December 2013
  • Skill: 3D Software Development, Shaders, Workflow

The Nike Team headwear site is a web-based flash application, providing an interactive 3D environment for customisation of the Nike headwear product line. Away Studios provided a variety of development services including texture & material management, advanced rendering through custom shaders, refined workflow for model production and direct interaction with the 3D scene allowing placement, rotation and scaling of logos and name drops on various model surfaces.

Key developments:

  • File size optimisations, taking advantage of repeating patterns in materials.
  • Texture combination between diffuse and normal maps to reconstruct highly detailed materials whilst minimising overhead
  • Mouse interaction on ‘hotspot’ areas of 3D models where logos and name drops can be placed and manipulated.
  • Texture memory management allowing materials to be loaded and unloaded as the headwear is customised.

RENDR : http://rendr.io/

Paramount Apparel : http://paifashion.com

Nike Team : http://niketeam.nike.com/

Nike Team Headwear : http://nike.teamheadwear.com