• Client: Adobe Systems / Away Studios
  • Date: June 2012
  • Skill: Game Design, Development, Publishing

Initially created to promote the launch of Adobe AIR 3.3 in March 2012 (and subsequently launched as an independent 3D mobile game), Gloop a Hoop was one of the first Adobe AIR games to use hardware accelerated Stage3D graphics on a mobile platform. The project was a collaboration between Away Studios and Freakish Kid.

Taking something from the Angry Birds genre, the objective is to complete the levels in sequence by splatting your gloop onto a target, making use of a variety of ‘hoops’ that give your gloop special abilities and collecting as many jelly balls along the way. The following is an excerpt from the game’s facebook description

Welcome to Gloop Labs! You’ve been hired to ‘splat’ test Gloop – a gelatine substance that lives to eat jelly and SPLAT! Guide him through his glooptastic exercises to test his splat-i-ness! Using various power hoops to get him to his target its up to you as ‘Lead Splat Tester’ to make sure he is the best Gloop that he can be.

The initial launch platforms for the game were Android and iOS, where the game can still be downloaded. An upgraded version of the game was then released on facebook to compliment the mobile versions, along with a promotional video

The game has since been released as an open source example of Stage3D content, using Away3D for graphics and the AS3 library WCK (based on Box2D) for realtime 2D physics.