• Client: Heineken
  • Date: April 2014
  • Skill: Particle effects, AR, Mobile optimisation, Touch interaction

The Heineken Project is an Augmented Reality application, turning your phone into an interactive toy that reacts to a Heineken bottle or glass placed in front of the camera. Away Studios developed the 3D component of the application that included particle effects and 3D-mapped visuals overlaid onto the video feed in realtime. The project was commissioned by Heineken and required a fast turnaround and smooth, detailed animation running on a variety of mobile hardware include iOS and Android devices.

The delivery included:

  • Four distinctive particle effects synchronised to the movement of the bottle in 3D.
  • Additional interactive effects for each bottle type that responded to user touch.
  • Incorporation of branded Heineken visuals.
  • Optimisations for iOS and Android.

3D particle effects were created in Away3D and rendered in realtime using Adobe AIR on the device. The app was launched as part of the 2014 “Open your world” global ad campaign.

Production test visuals: City Bridge (press space to activate)

Application installer links: iOS Android

Heineken: http://www.heineken.com/