• Client: Primal Pictures
  • Date: March 2013
  • Skill: Development, Integration

The Anatomy Viewer module for Primal Pictures provides a real time environment to view extremely high-resolution 3D anatomy models. Explore the human body by rotating and zooming in to areas of interest. Selectively hide/reveal or make x-ray/opaque any of the anatomical structures or even whole groups such as muscles, vessel systems, organ systems, etc. Highlight any items in-situ or isolate them in context to the rest of the structures.

Away Studios provided 3D development expertise and workflow advice on the project, and delivered multiple integration points to give the option for the module to be used as part of an AIR application or from within a web page. The real-time graphics take advantage of the latest Stage3D GPU accelerated APIs of the Flash Player, accessed through the Away3D library.

Features include:

  • Extensive API to define & represent anatomical model data, interact with and respond to user events.
  • Custom control over rendering properties
  • Embedded user interface for model navigation and interaction.
  • Tooltips for anatomy identification
  • Global system visibility panel – show & hide structural groups.

Primal Pictures – http://www.primalpictures.com & http://www.anatomy.tv