Digital Globe

In collaboration with open source data mining company 51 Degrees, Digital Globe was built to be the very first web-based interactive visualisation of global mobile data use.

The project was part-funded by Innovate UK as a proof of concept application for displaying large interactive datasets.

51 Degrees provided the data by compressing more that 3 months of collected traffic into a single 24-hr span, then aggregating the data points still further from 100s of millions of geolocations to a few hundred thousand around the world. The resulting data is loaded on demand, and can be drilled down to country level from a global overview.

A wide variety of handset manufacturers including Apple, Sony, Samsung and HTC are represented, and provide an interesting juxtaposition between differing global regions.

In order to maximise the realtime rendering speed of the visualisation, all datapoints are rendered using GPU-accelerated WebGL apis. This allows sufficient cross-platform performance across both desktop and mobile devices.

The prototype was showcased at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and attracted significant press interest including coverage from the Financial Times and Institution of Engineering & Technology.

Digital Globe was also awarded a 2015 showcase spot at the Digital Catapult Center in London, as an example of cutting-edge data visualisation on the web.

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